Beckett – Old Grey Whistle Test 1974 Bob Barton with GS30


  1. Made my day watching this and thanks so much for posting it. One issue though……….I saw Beckett twice in 1973/4 and I’m 100% certain his guitar was white. In fact I think it is white on the Old Grey Whistle test video too. It looks pinkish from certain angles because of the lighting. Both Bob Barton and Terry Wilson-Slessor’s shirts look pinkish too from certain angles. The sound Bob Barton got live was much better than on the video or the album (produced by Roger Chapman of Family I think). He also used a Carlsbro head when I saw him rather than the Marshall he is shown with on OGTW. Thanks again for a great trip down memory lane.

    • I have been reliably informed that the colour was opalesent white which changed to what ever colour light was directed on it, unfortunately it usually
      went to a pink colour.

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