If you have any web site with a guitar interest, especially with any kind of Grimshaw link please send, and I will add to this page
Manufacturers of wiring kits and premade harnesses for most guitars. All the restored guitars on this web site have included this companies product and are highly recomended.
Web site for all jazz enthusiasts includes musicians and bands from swing to modern. and lots more information.
This is the collection of Jarmo Laine in Finland.  Jarmo has a very non mainstream guitar collection which not surprisingly includes two Grimshaw GS30, check out the rare black/natural model one of the best looking GS30,s.
Some of the Grimshaw pickups on this site have been very skillfully rebuilt, especially the 1950,s built in neck type on which Adrian has done a great job.  Contact him on his web site for any enquiries.
This is Tom Doughty,s web site and it is a testament to his courage that he overcame a serious accident and continued to play guitar, inspired by Django Rheinhart. Occasionally plays his Grimshaw,
Bernie Marsdens web site with up to date info.  Another great player who cut his teeth on a Grimshaw.   See messages page for interesting story.
This is a web site for Zemaitis guitars with a good history of Tony Zemaitis, I am told that Tony worked for Grimshaw in the early 1950,s, if he did not it is highly likely they knew each other. There are too many similarities between certain models for this not to be true.
Very interesting if Django/Gypsy jazz is your thing.  Very good archive photo,s (The photos of Jack Toogood were supplied from this site)
This is Ty Falato,s web site for anyone with the serious problem of collecting guitars. His collection of Gibson archtops is impressive, also some great lap steel and Hawaiian guitars.
A website dedicated to the great Cyril Davies who should be remembered for the contribution he made to popular music of the late fifties and early sixties.

Vintage European Guitars Forum. A discussion forum for all makes of vintage european guitars.

The Guy McKenzie Guitar Collection
A great collection of electric guitars 1950s to date, including Grimshaw.
Pete Townsends web site.
The Who web site Pete,s equipment, he did use some other makes of guitars
Bruce Welch tribute web site.
Joe Browns web site with some good nostalgia and up to date info.
Manchester Group scene in the late 1950s to early 1970s a real nostalgia trip if you were in a Manchester based group or band in this period are you featured? if not inform them.
Delta Resonator Guitars Some of the most beautiful instruments ever
Giles Hedley (The Aviators) Could this be the only Grimshaw (Hartford 12)still in use for live concert performances?

Emile Grimshaw Snr was a very accomplished banjo player and composer in the 1920,s. If you would like more information on this side of his playing/composing look at Click on Pamelas music. An interesting collection of 1950s archtops inc Grimshaws, and other wierd and wonderful stringed instruments. Also lots of other musical instruments. Redferns photo agency, who have kindly supplied many of the photos on this web site and a great reference gallery of photos.

Grouse guitars in Australia. Neil has some very interesting vintage guitars for sale on his web site Interesting web site for Andy Tompkins, session guitarist and played a Grimshaw GS30 in late 1960s early 1970s with “Hockett”. Also played guitar in the cult film “The Wicker Man”. Has some great guitar music for down loading on web site.  This website is the personal collection of Alfons Lahaye. The Burns guitars were very advanced and innovate guitars, especially in the switching and pickups. The Black Bison is a very impresive guitar!