April 2016 Grimshaw guitars for sale

New items on web site;

For Sale if you are looking for a specific model of Grimshaw contact me as I have most models available.  Or if you want one of these iconic guitars  as a”must have” to enhance your collection then please contact me on info@grimshawguitars.co.uk or 07836 337687 working hours only.

Take a look at what may be the last Grimshaw made, GS30 serial number 1760 made circa 1985. It is also the only GS30 to have fixed neck, making this the only Grimshaw made Les Paul copy. Look in My Gallery.

Ron and Rosalind who played the cabaret circuit thoughout the 1970,s  Ron was a Grimshaw dealer via his shop in Redruth.  The guitar he is playing is a MS7 modified by Grimshaw to his spec including De Armond pickups and Gibson vibrola.

See my gallery for new additions to my collection, including remains of a late sixties electronic guitar organ, and a rare MS12 in virtually as new condition.

Some additions to the players gallery too.

See video of Fairport Convention with Richard Thompson playing his GS30 in 1968, great shot of the Grimshaw played by a great guitar player.

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