September News

Another video of Ronnie Genardier using his Grimshaw Revelation with the Jack Payne Orchestra playing some pretty “HOT” ragtime jazz, Ronnie is on the right as you look at the screen. The other guitar player is unknown. Ronnie was still playing a Grimshaw well into the 1950,s.

Look on guitar gallery for some photos of a unique GS30 which previously belonged to Bob Barton of “Beckett” who can be seen using this guitar to great effect on a previous video. The guitar was ordered from the Gt Poulteney St shop to Bobs specification as well as being lefthanded it has some unique features.

I can now supply a superb quality large poster of any Grimshaw guitar featured on My Gallery. So if you haven,t got a Grimshaw this may be some consolation. Price is £10 + £3 post and packing.

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